Headshots: color, 25 fps, 92 minutes, German with English subitles. With Loretta Pflaum, Samuel Finzi, Laura Tonke, Jeremy Xido, Karlheinz Hackl and many more.

Trapped in the world of the “young creative class” in Berlin, where life is your career, love is sexual convenience, and happiness measured by degrees of cynical detachment, Marianne (Loretta Pflaum), a thirty-something photographer, begins to look at things anew after discovering that she is pregnant. Soon a hidden world of darkness and disorder, mistrust and lies breaks into the open.

Headshots premiered at the International Film Fest Rotterdam in the 2011 Tiger Competition and later went to cinemas in Austria, Central and South America, and has been broadcast in several countries. Here’s some comments from the press:

Die Presse
The Austrian co-produced debut by Lawrence Tooley is a better milieu study of Berlin than Tom Tykwer’s Three. Loretta Pflaum is impressive as a photographer in an existential crisis…


Dennis Lim
…but the most interesting film by an American director was perhaps the very un-American Headshots, a first feature by Texas-born German resident Lawrence Tooley, a flinty portrait of one woman’s psychic distress that gets to the heart of urban disaffection…


Cinema Scope

by Olaf Möller

… I was, to say the least, mighty surprised: Headshots is certainly something different from the film before, which was decidedly different again from the one before that… Read: Laurence is an adventurer, explorer, researcher, someone who wants to try something different with each film — a rare bird indeed in these, our days, when most film makers try to become a brand instead of an artist, let alone a human being.

Headshots plays like an echo from an era past: the times of Thomas Schultz, Wolfgang Schmidt, Irina Hoppe, Michel Freerix, Christoph Willems, Matl Findel…the late 80s, early 90s, the Wendezeit…when a cinema was cultivated at the dffb that considered realism as an art of the possible. The world asks to be changed, and you could do that by putting a woman in front of the city’s skyline at dusk and look at her in that certain way and there was cinema and everything suddenly different. Headshots is all about freedom in the way it moves, develops in ways that refuse to add up in any conventional sense; and it’s about a woman in search of one word’s essence: choice.



by Boyd van Hoeij

Headshots, which was produced by the director for his German outfit AskimAskim Film, is many different films at once, and is almost as diverse as the city where it is set: Berlin….The narrative style of Tooley, who wrote the screenplay together with actress Pflaum, is neither very close to realism (though the performances are) and neither simply based on freewheeling associations. The scenes, with an exceptionally uncluttered mise-en-scene, unfold simply one after the other, as if there would be no different way to tell the story…Tooley not only directed, produced and co-wrote the film, but was also responsible for the production design and editing.


on3.de BR
Nochmal Berlin: Die Fotografin Marianne streift durch Deutschlands Hauptstadt. Ihr Leben ist aus den Fugen geraten: Sie ist schwanger und gerade ist eines ihrer Models bei einem Shooting gestorben. In ihr wächst der Wunsch, sich das Leben zu nehmen. Regisseur Lawrence Tooley ist sichtlich inspiriert von Antonionis Klassiker “Blow Up”, kreiert daraus aber seinen ganz eigenen Stil. In der Hauptrolle glänzt Loretta Pflaum mit einer großartigen Darstellung.



Benno Feichter

Ein Psychodrama als schwindelerregende tour de force. Lawrence Tooleys Film HEADSHOTS ist ab morgen im Stadtkino zu sehen.




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